PaisleyKarate Dojo - Top Floor, Bield Scout Hall, Broomlands St, Paisley   


    Shito-ryu is one of the main styles of Karate-Do.

    Our style focuses on utilisation of Technique & Speed, although it synthesises elements from other styles.

    It is both powerful and artistic ~ You can expect to develop movement, breathing, power, balance and posture.


    Although training incorporates self defence; blocking & counterattacking - Kata & Kumite are fundamental aspects.

    The Dojo is open on a Monday & Wednesday Evening 7-745pm (Children & Adults) 8-9pm (Adults)

    & on a Saturday Afternoon 2-2.45pm (Children & Adults) 3-4pm (Adults)

    We welcome your enquiry with a view to joining us.     

The enjoyment of our Members is our top priority. 

Learn Self-Defence. Gain Fitness, Respect & Confidence.